SJPUPDATES#2 Wellington Trip, Iran lecture + end of semester drinks

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1. Wellington trip
2. End of Year Knees Up
3. SJP website
4. No war with Iran! Lecture Monday Night.
5. Palestine News

1. Wellington trip!
It’s full steam ahead for the trip to Welly for the annual weapons conference and associated protests the Monday after next. We have a whole heap of people coming but if you want to come send us an email. We leave on Monday night and return on Wednesday Night. Thats the 17th/18th October. Transport, food and accomodation sorted!

2. End of Year Knees Up!
Thursday 1pm in ispace on level 4 of the Kate Edgar Commons come along and have a chat and some food and drink. Would be good to see everyonewho has been involved in an way shape or form this year with SJP. See
you there! Come along and  have a yarn also if yor interested in SJP  trips to Parihaka Peace Festival, Waihopi Spy Base Protest and other summer fun for SJP come along!

3. Website! We now have a website at:
Go online check it out let us know if you have good links and/or articles you would like to see up there.
We also have three Urgent Appeals from Justice for Palestine Matters (Australia) on our website. So please take the time to send these emails.

Monday, October 9, 7.30pm, Trades Hall, 147 Great North Rd, Grey Lynn
New Zealand Nuclear Free Peacemaking Association, Founder/Secretary Larry Ross, on his nationwide lecture tour speaks about the threat of nuclear war on Iran. How will the Bush neocons justify a war, even nuclear war, against Iran?
Iran has no nuclear weapons, say the IAEA UN inspections, but has a legal right to enrich uranium for power under the NPT treaty. It is surrounded by US bases, the US navy and Israel, who have thousands of nuclear weapons ready to launch. They could annihilate Iran. Yet Americans have been media-conditioned to fear and hate Iran, and believe all Bush’s false accusations to justify any U.S. military actions. In the face of the outrageous killing of Lebanese civilians, Palestinian injustice and pending war in the Middle East, what is the role of Nuclear Free Peacemaking New Zealand? Check website at:

5.>>>>>SJP Pick: UN says Gaza crisis ‘intolerable’>>>>>
BBC News 27 September 2006
Standards of human rights in the Palestinian territories
have fallen to intolerable new levels, says a UN expert on
the Mid-East conflict.

>>>>>News, opinion and analysis from the web>>>>>>
1. Israeli government issues tenders for 164 new homes in the West Bank
2. Israeli Demonstrators: Refuse being soldiers of occupation
3.U.S. Activist: The Innocence and the brutality of the IDF’s soldiers
4.War Turns the Tide For Israeli Settlers
5. U.N. expert: Iraq torture may be worse
6.Israeli group calls power plant attack a ‘war crime’
7.Beit Furik Demonstrate Against Closures
8. Israeli forces kill three Palestinians, injure five and destroy property

1. Israeli government issues tenders for 164 new homes in the West Bank
The government is planning to build 164 new homes in three settlements in the West Bank, despite an obligation under a U.S.-backed peace road map to halt such construction on land Palestinians seek for a state.

2. Group of youths who support refusal to serve in army try convincing soldiers to join them. Lior Wolinic, 18: ‘We arrived here at the Kirya, symbol of Israeli occupation, to protest against the occupation of the Palestinian people’

3. U.S. Activist: The Innocence and the brutality of the IDF’s soldiers
“Young girls and boys heavly armed, yet barely past what we would call high-school age. I watched them chatting on cell phones, wearing cool sunglasses with their military uniforms, seeming almost adolescent as they nap against their bags and each other on the bus station floor.”

4.War Turns the Tide For Israeli Settlers
AMONA, West Bank — The movement to expand Jewish
settlements in the West Bank, which only a few months ago
appeared to be a divided, waning political force, is experiencing a revival after a summer of war that caused
many Israelis to question the wisdom of abandoning more

5. U.N. expert: Iraq torture may be worse
GENEVA – Torture in Iraq may be worse now than it was under Saddam Hussein, with militias, terrorist groups and government forces disregarding rules on the humane treatment of prisoners, the U.N. anti-torture chief said Thursday.

6.Israeli group calls power plant attack a ‘war crime’
The Independent 28 September 2006
The air strike on Gaza’s only power station that has left most residents with half their normal electricity supply three months later was a war crime, according to the Israeli human rights group B’tselem.

7.Beit Furik Demonstrate Against Closures
by ISM Nablus, September 9th
This morning a group of university students and other residents of Beit Furik joined in a non-violent demonstration against the early closure of the checkpoint separating them from Nablus city center. About 50 Palestinian and international protestors marched across a settler road toward the checkpoint holding placards, demanding an end to the Palestinian people’s misery and asking to speak to the highest commanding officer at the site.

8. Israeli forces kill three Palestinians, injure five and
destroy property

The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) continue to target
Palestinians and their property in the Gaza Strip. In the
past three days IOF’s attacks resulted in the killing of
three, injury of five and destruction of one home, four
cars and one textile factory around the Strip.

“Remember the solidarity shown to Palestine here and everywhere… and remember also that there is a cause to which many people have committed themselves, difficulties and terrible obstacles notwithstanding. Why? Because it is a just cause, a noble ideal, a moral quest for equality and human rights.” – Edward Said, Palestinian/American historian/political commentator
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