UA: Killings of two Palestinians at Nablus checkpoints

URGENT APPEAL: Ref: UA P 05 / 06.

14 October 2006

NAME: Amjad Mohammed Mustafa al-Teerawi (23), Waleed Mustafa Sa’ada (20)

VIOLATIONS: Extrajudicial killings

RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please copy the letter below or write in your own words and send to:

Mr AMIR PERETZ , Minister for Defense, State of Israel,

AND Cc: (simply copy all addresses together and paste into Cc).,;;;

OPTIONAL: PLEASE ALSO SEND APPEALS TO: Diplomatic Representatives of ISRAEL in your country. Link to ISRAEL Embassies worldwide
The Foreign Minister of your country  – WORLD-WIDE Governments:

Please cut and paste and send this appeal to your mailing lists


Minister for Defense,

State of Israel

I wish to express outrage at the killing of two Palestinian civilians in less than 24 hours in two separate crimes by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) positioned at military checkpoints in Nablus.

At 15:20 on Sunday, 8 October 2006, a number of Palestinian civilians were getting out of a car in al-Sateh area, nearly one kilometre away from Til village, southwest of Nablus. IOF soldiers in a military jeep, positioned on the bypass road located to the south of Nablus, opened fire at the car. As a result, Amjad Mohammed Mustafa al-Teerawi, 23, from Balata refugee camp east of Nablus, was killed by a live bullet to the head; and Ahmed Hazzaa’ Ramadan, 21, from Til village, was wounded by a live bullet to the shoulder.
At approximately 14:30 on Monday, 9 October 2006, IOF soldiers positioned at Hawara checkpoint, south of Nablus, committed a similar crime, when they shot dead a Palestinian civilian while attempting to cross the checkpoint. 20-year-old Mohammed Waleed Mustafa Sa’ada, from Til village near Nablus was walking towards a taxi that was being searched. The soldier who was searching the taxi fired a live bullet at the young man. Without asking the soldier about what happened, the officer joined the soldier in firing at the young man. They shot him dead with 3 live bullets. IOF soldiers prevented Palestinian civilians from offering him any help.

I call for

* the identification, arrest and prosecution of those responsible for the murder of Amjad M M al-Teerawi (23), and  Waleed Mustafa Sa’ada (20)

·        clear and strongly worded directives to the security forces to adhere to international human rights and humanitarian law under all circumstances and to put in place mechanisms to monitor this adherence.

Yours sincerely

Copies sent to:
Prime Minister, EHUD OLMERT, State of Israel,

H.E. NASSER AL-KIDWA, Ambassador, Permanent Observer Mission of Palestine,

Ms LOUISE ARBOUR High Commissioner for Human Rights

Mr ADAMOS ADAMOU, Chairman, EU Delegation for the relations with the Palestinian Legislative Council


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