SJPUPDATES#12 George Galloway speaking in Auckland against Islamophobia

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(A) George Galloway speaking in Auckland against Islamophobia
(B) UN warns of economic collapse in Gaza
(C) Report: 30th Week of Protests Against Separation Fence

(A) >>>>>George Galloway speaking in Auckland against Islamophobia>>>>>
Two huge “Voices of Peace” meetings will be held in Auckland on 27-28 July to counter the sudden rise of organised Islamophobia in New Zealand. George Galloway, left-wing British MP & international peace campaigner, will be guest speaker at the Voices of Peace meetings, which are being hosted by RAM, the Residents Action Movement.

“Here in New Zealand we are currently facing the first stirrings of organised Islamophobia, which is a form of racism against Muslims,” said RAM organiser Grant Morgan. “Islamophobia is also the smokescreen for the failure of US imperial policy in Iraq and the wider Middle East. It is rising along with the savage death toll in Iraq ­ of Iraqis themselves and of American and British troops” said George Galloway in a Media Release. “We will not end this new racism unless we end the wars of aggression that breathe life into it. That¹s the message I will be bringing with to New Zealand. And, from what I know of the country, I anticipate a warm response.”

Read More:
Right-wing Aussie preachers ‘stir up racist bigotry’ in NZ | Backgrounder on George Galloway | Community leaders abhor magazine’s ‘negative stereotyping’ of Muslims

Links: Socialist Worker Aotearoa | GeorgeGalloway.Com

Speakers: British Respect MP George Galloway + Javed Khan (Federation of Islamic Associations of NZ) and Paul Buchanan (Working Group on Alternative Security Perspectives at the University of Auckland)
WHEN: Saturday, 28 July, starting 7.30pm.
WHERE: Auckland Girls Grammar Theatre, Howe St, Freemans Bay (off Karangahape Rd).
University of Auckland Meeting
Speakers: George Galloway and Nibras Kardaman (Working Together Group)
WHEN: Friday, 27 July.
WHEN: 6pm, Friday 27 July
WHERE: Auckland University (Room TBA -Please email for venue info)

(B) >>>>>UN warns of economic collapse in Gaza>>>>>
UN officials issued new warnings today about the dire collapse of Gaza’s economy and called on the international community to open crossing points for trade.

At least 68,000 Palestinians have lost their jobs in the past month since Israel closed the crossings out of the narrow, highly-populated strip of land, according to the latest Palestinian figures. The closures came after the Islamist movement Hamas seized full security control of Gaza in mid-June after months of near civil war with its rival, Fatah.
read more:,,2129337,00.html

(C) >>>>>Report: 30th Week of Protests Against Separation Fence>>>>>
This Friday we had the 127th demonstration in Bil’in. It was also the 30th week of persistent demonstrations and other actions in the south of Bethlehem (There are few villages that are involved in the struggle there and there are usually some actions and demonstrations each week.) As usual the activists of the anarchists against the wall participated this week in both Bil’in, south Bethlehem, Hebron, and within Israel (the single parents camp in Jerusalem, the resistance to expulsion of tenants in Tel Aviv, and the Darfur refugees.

The demonstration in Bil’in was much more interesting than the usual ones of the last two months or so. Before the demonstration was a short meeting as we had bigger than the usual contingent of international activist and a bigger contingent of Palestinians from Ramalla.

“Remember the solidarity shown to Palestine here and everywhere… and remember also that there is a cause to which many people have committed themselves, difficulties and terrible obstacles notwithstanding. Why? Because it is a just cause, a noble ideal, a moral quest for equality and human rights.” – Edward Said, Palestinian/American historian/political commentator
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