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SJPUPDATES#5 Public Forum on Globalisation

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(A) Public Forum on corporate globalisation
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Day of Resistance to the War:March 20th, 2007

 No Troops No Money for US occupation

Day of Resistance to the War:March 20th, 2007

This call to action comes from a number of different organizations and individuals involved in the anti-war movement.  Our organizing experiences have left us feeling disappointed in ourselves and in the movement as a whole.  Organizing against the war in Iraq has led us to believe that marching and chanting has not made enough of an impact nor done enough to end the brutal realities of the occupation.  This has got to change. Continue reading

UA: Extrajudicial Killing of Ramzi Merfiq El-Shrafi (16)

URGENT APPEAL: Ref: UA 06/ 06.
7 November 2006

NAME: Ramzi Merfiq El-Shrafi (16)

VIOLATIONS: Extrajudicial Killing and Woundings.

RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please copy the letter below the Background information or write in your own words and send to:

Mrs RADHIKA COOMARSASWAMY Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict

AND Cc: (simply copy all addresses together and paste into Cc).;;;;
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‘Allah Made Me Funny’ Comedy Tour

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12 November, Auckland – Aotea Centre, The Edge

The stand-up comedy show Allah Made Me Funny is finally coming to New Zealand.

After their raging success in North America and the United Kingdom, American Muslim stand-up comedians Preacher Moss and Azhar Usman are sure to have Australian audiences laughing loud and thinking hard.

In the great American tradition of maligned communities finding their voice through stand-up, Allah Made Me Funny counters the negative stereotypes and attitudes about Muslims and Arabs by poking fun at themselves, their communities and the prejudices they face.


“One of the unexpected consequences of the 9/11 attacks in the United States is an upsurge in humour by and about Muslims, which has begun to be enjoyed by a wider American audience.” – BBC

Stand-up comedy show fresh out of the States, Allah Made Me Funny: The Official Muslim Comedy Tour is sure to have audiences in New Zealand and Australia laughing out loud and thinking hard.

What the founders of this comedy tour have come up with, is a very tasteful way to counter the negative stereotypes and attitudes about Muslims and Arabs by poking fun at themselves, their communities and the prejudices they face.

As a writer for George Lopez Show, Damon Wayans’ Show and Saturday Night Live, Preacher Moss’ comedy stylings are sculpted from the everyday relevance of life and the glimpses of truth we value as reality and always find funny.

Azhar, a successful entrepreneur, lawyer, and community activist, on the other hand has developed a unique act based on transethnic and intercultural issues, keen and witty insights, and general observational humour.

For details about the tour in other cities visit: