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SJPUPDATES#4 WE SHUT DOWN TE PAPA! From Wellington to Gaza; Long live the Intifada!

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(A) WE SHUT DOWN TE PAPA! From Wellington to Gaza; Long live the Intifada!
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12 Clowns arrested in lead up to Arms Fair

12 members of the Aotearoa Clown Army were arrested today in a quiet cul-de-sac in a suburb of Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand.

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September 2006 Intifada Magazine Out Now

Get your hands on the latest Intifada.

Published by Auckland University Students for Justice in Palestine. Download the full magazine from Click Here

Articles on the Israel/Lebanon conflict, the boycott of Israel, creative solidarity actions from around the globe, an interview with Harmeet Sooden, suicide bombers, Hizbollah, Afghanistan, Al Nakba, unions and more.

UA: Killings of two Palestinians at Nablus checkpoints

URGENT APPEAL: Ref: UA P 05 / 06.

14 October 2006

NAME: Amjad Mohammed Mustafa al-Teerawi (23), Waleed Mustafa Sa’ada (20)

VIOLATIONS: Extrajudicial killings

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SJPUPDATES#3 Say No to Empire at Home and Abroad

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(A) Fight the Fees!
(B) Support university cleaners
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UA: Please Help the Ghalia family

On June 9th, 2006, the Ghalia family was severely hit in an Israeli attack, during a picnic on the Gaza beach. The incident received worldwide attention mostly due to the horrifying video footage taken minutes later of devastated Huda Ghalia (11 y.o.) next to the dead body of her father, Ali (43 y.o.).

In the attack, 7 family members were killed (Ali 43, his wife Raisa 36, their children: Haytham 8 months, Hanadi 2, Sabrin 7, Ilham 17, Alia 24) and 7 more were injured (Hamida, Amane 22, Ayham 17.5, Adham 12, Huda 10, Hadil 6, Latifa 4). The family has already been hit in the
past as result of the ongoing Israeli shelling into civilian
neighbourhoods of the densely populated Gaza strip. On January 4th, 2005, an Israeli shell killed 8 and injured 5 in the family’s strawberry field. Nine of the 13 were members of the family. Continue reading

Montage of Palestine/Lebanon/Iraq Fundraising Carnival 30/09/06

Fundraising montage